Is this child support fraud?

My friends wife walked out after 9 years and took the kids with her. During divorce court the wife claims one of the kids is not his.(DNA now confirms this) Can he recoup support of the child for those years since she lied the whole time? Is that a form of child support fraud? If […]

Bipolar misdiagnosis medical record?

Hi, this question mainly refers to US. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder privately in the UK, though it probably is on NHS record as well, since my psychiatrist sent letters to my GP, before I asked her to stop. I started treatment ordering from a Canadian pharmacy. I eventually realized this is a misdiagnosis, […]

How do credit card companies handle fraud claims?

My girlfriend had her card stolen and they don’t believe her. Her card was lost, she reported it the company but not before it was used fraudulently and over ,000 was spent before the card was stopped. At first the company refunded the charges, now they are saying she owes it. Any ideas??? The card […]

Is this a craigslist scam or not?

I’m trying to sell my phone over craigslist. So far most that have contacted me are scammers. Now I don’t know who to trust. I have a person from Florida trying to purchase this phone and wants to pay via paypal. I don’t want to send the phone and then not get the money. Should […]

Would you agree: the GOP are more business friendly and the Dems are more entitlement friendly?

Republicans are PRO business and economic growth. Democrats are more government control, taxes, and entitlements. What is better for the country? If everyone is on entitlements, who is going to work to pay for them? Contrary to what liberals think…0bamacare and his idiot ideas are not free (to those with jobs and self-respect).

What should i call my Eco-Friendly organization?

I am making an organization that is based on stopping the global warming crisis. I want to take action to repair the atmosphere. Any suggestions?

Is friendly fire really that friendly?

Car dealer fraud? Lawyer?

Almost a month ago me and my boyfriend bought a car out of a car lot. It is a 2011 Chevy Malibu, we put ,000 down. And it was under my boyfriends name. Yesterday, the car dealer "Mike" told my boyfriend that he had to go to the financing bank to fill out more paper […]

What is a good amount to start with when getting into penny stocks?

I am looking to start investing in penny stocks once the new year arrives. I have a few different answer with what to start with and how to get it going. What is the best site to use that is user friendly ?

Child Support fraud?!?!?

My step-sons have been living he with me and my husband for the past 1 1/2 years and the kids mother is still collecting child support, is this against the law? She would only let them move up here if she was still able to receive child support. should we bring this up to the […]



Car dealer fraud? Lawyer?

Almost a month ago me and my boyfriend bought a car out of a car lot. It is a 2011 Chevy Malibu, we put ,000 down. And it was under my boyfriends name. Yesterday, the car dealer "Mike" told my boyfriend that he had to go to the financing bank to fill out more paper […]

What happens if a family of 4 only shows 3 people on their apartment lease?

We are a family of 4 adults and currently we are searching for an apartment. 3 people are working and our income is becoming too high to be considered for an apartment. But when we are looking for non income restricted aparments, we cannot afford to pay the rent. So my question is whether we […]

What should I do with this shocking info regarding my ex?

Not only was my ex cheating on me, it has just been revealed publicly that he’s a con artist. He got busted for stock broker fraud. I sooooo badly want to drop him a line or reach out and warn his new Russian gf. I honestly feel bad for the girl and wish someone would’ve […]

What type of Doctor is needed to certify your pet as an Emotional Support Animal for a med disability?

I have 3 medical conditions that are directly affected by stress. I am looking for "Pet friendly" housing with no luck and it was suggested I make my cat an Emotional Service Animal. What type of documentation or dr’s note do I require? And what type of Doctor? A Medical or Behavioral health doctor? Housing […]

How can i Prevent Identity Theft for real? How to prevent identity theft from happening to me?

I want to know how to prevent identity theft for real, I registered with a company who supposedly would alert me of suspicious activity via text message but they didn’t and I lost a lot of money, And, get this, it took me 3 months of calling them before they stopped taking money from me […]

someone stole a check from my checkbook and wrote and cashed the check?

I called the bank and told them it wasnt the 1st time and gave them all the checks only a sum of 50 dollars. I know the person but they are denying it how long or will the bank actually do anything about this since i filed a fraud claim?

Is it dangerous to travel in China by yourself?

Please answer if only you traveled in Beijing by yourself? Is it scary there without a group? Can you communicate not knowing Chinese? What about fraud and crime? I traveled to Europe,Australia and Egypt by myself, and everything went perfect Someone told me that it’s dangerous to go to Beijing alone.

If a hospital falsifies your medical records, and they fail to correct the problem, who do you call?

You have spoke with the director of medical records, and you have spoken with the hospital’s attorney. Who’se next?

How do i obtain an e-file pin for 2012 taxes if i had identity theft last year?

I had identity theft in 2011 and im not sure if it is actually resolved yet, however i did get my refund. This year i received an IP pin. i tried filing online but they keep asking for an "efile pin" and to obtain it i need last years AGI…well last years AGI is the […]

How can a minor (under 18) view their credit/job history?

I recently recieved mail that claimed that I owed over 00 in medical bills from a company in Arizona…I have NEVER in my life even been remotely been close to Arizona. I believe there may some sort of fraud of occuring and I would like to see my credit report. However, I am not yet […]

Liberals, so health insurance companies give bonuses to people who deny coverage?

This is another example of fact taken OUT OF CONTEXT. There is such a thing as MEDICAL FRAUD. Example: Someone gets in a wreck and claims they were severely injured so they can sue and get lots of money. This HURTS hospitals and insurance companies. If, however, you prove that it is a fraud, you […]

How much jail time is given when an individual loses an arbitration case against a credit card company?

My best friend has been served with arbitration hearing papers about a credit card bill his parents stopped paying and we need legal advice.

Can employers put tracking devices on private vehicles?

My brother’s employer is trying to put tracking devices on his employee’s cars. Thing is, the company does not own vehicles for company use and instead requires employees to use their own vehicles. They are compensated by turning in mileage logs and getting 0.45 cents for every mile they drive to and from the rental […]

Is it legal for illegals to use counterfeit Resident Alien cards and Social Security cards steal identities?

Is it legal for illegal dreamers to use counterfeit Resident Alien cards and Social Security cards, steal identities,and commit Social Security fraud, if all done for a better life and with the Obama deferral act, dhs sorry no there are no crimes here , ?Are you being racist ?

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