100 dollar gift card + a year free magazine scam?

I ordered Idol Lash from online on 07/28/11. The next day, a lady called me from the number 612-216-0597 and said thank you for your online order of Idol Lash. She said she is going to send me a free 15 day trial of some sample. I forgot what that sample is, but it relates to health and beauty. With this offer, she said that I’ll get a 100 dollar gift card to Walmart or Target or any store. Also, it comes with a free magazine subscription for a year from either Shape, Glamour, or Family Fun. She asked me which magazine I would like to receive. I told her Shape. She said that if I don’t like the offer I can cancel it through email and keep the 100 dollar gift card + magazines as their way of saying thank you for trying the offer. But if I do like it, they’ll charge me .99 (monthly). She said that the email will be sent to me the next day. She also said the way to cancel is to call the 1-877 number that will be posted in the email. All I have to do is call the number and tell them my name to cancel. She asked me to say my name to complete and confirm the process. I said my name.

I received no email. I tried calling back to this number, but no pick-ups. Today, 5 days after her call, I got charged .99 on my account. Has this ever happened to you? Is this a telemarketing scam/fraud? HELP?!

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