A few questions regarding the laws on selling a car, fraud and such!?

My husband was recently TDY and during that time we were selling our Jeep to my brother-in-law. My BIL agreed to pay ,000 for the Jeep which was an agreement he and my husband came to before the TDY. He agreed to make payments to us and he paid my husband 0… While my husband was gone something apparently happened and my BIL needed the Jeep right away. Words were exchanged with my husband about it and basically I was told that he needed the title in order to get insurance and such on it, everything is in my husbands name though. My BIL told me that my husband had said to sign the title over to him (using my husband’s name) and because my husband and I were at odds with each other and because I absolutely trusted both of them I did sign it. My husband wasn’t really upset when I told him either. Well after we did that my BIL stopped talking about paying us and decided to act as though he didn’t owe us anything. My husband came home, confronted him on it and he was told (by my BIL) that because A: we had no signed contract and B: he had the title in his name he didn’t owe us anything… So my question is this! Is a verbal contract between two people, in this case enough to hold up in court? And because I signed it doesn’t that make the title null and void? But would my husband have to press charges against me or would I go to jail for fraud?… Any help would be appreciated, I know this is a mess of a story! We don’t want to contact a lawyer and pay all this money out of pocket if they are just going to tell us we’re screwed anyway…
Thank you. I know this makes me sound stupid to say I listened to my BIL when he said my husband told him to have me sign his name but I NEVER once thought he would be shady or lie and when my husband found out he was not overly upset, I think he was just tired of dealing with it… If we make a fuss about the title being void though could I go to jail for fraud?… I’m sort of 6 months pregnant, lol… with 3 other kids! That is not exactly something I want to face! I’ve never been in trouble with the law before 🙁

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