Welcome to your online resource for fraud protection. The resources provided offer the latest information for identifyin fraudulent activities, companies and tools to guard against fraud and abuse, and the legal means to protect yourself from any compromised accounts you may have.

Fraud can be perpetrated by many types of people. Fraudsters and criminal are always the most obvious and can do a lot of damage when you are a target. Companies and service providers are also very capabable of defrauding individuals and families. It doesn’t matter the level of education or degree’s you have, anyone can be a target of a sophisticated fraud scheme.

The worst type of fraud that can happen is when a family member abuses the reationships and trust of loved ones in their family or friends. Family fraud is a growing problem and is often more difficult to process through emotionally and legally since you are dealing with a family member or friend.

All fraud victims feel the the impact financially, feel more vulnerable in their daily lives and have a troubling emotional affect. These feelings of violation are multiplied when the victim intimately knows their attacker or fraudster.

Some types of fraud we will help you identify and protect yourself include:

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