Accused of fraud dna….what do I do?

My husband and I have been going through a battle with a woman who claims my husband fathered her child. We nevered denied the possibility. My husband submitted a LabCorp DNA test to family first they accepted it, but now we get a call from a detective saying that it is a fraud. When this child was born I called and spoke to one of the nurses about getting a dna test done, she told me to order a test kit and bring a sample of dna from my husband to the hospital and that she would take a sample from the child and send it to the lab. A few weeks later we got the results saying that my husband was excluded, but the results would not be admissible in court. That did not matter to use because it gave us a piece of mind….But, 4 months later we get LabCorp results in the mail, which is what my husband submitted to the court. We don’t know where this test came from or why it came months later, yet it shows the same dna analysis. The detective was saying that the hospital would not administer a dna test. So did the nurse throw me for a loop? Now we are being questioned about these results. All I did was order a kit and gave my husbands dna to the nurse. What right do we have?

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