Am I committing social security fraud?

Hi, I am a junior at a university. I am also disabled, meaning I receive social security benefits which are for the conditions of depression and trembles (unexpected shaking). Over the pass three years, I have not reported to the Social Security Administration that I am attending college. However, I feel that I am automatically reported from my school since they have my social security number of course! Anyways, disable people can attend college right and receive benefits? They cannot discrimintae and say "Well you’re disabled so therefore you cannot attend college with your type of IQ."

Actually, as enrolling to my college, I have reported that I do receive benefits as a source of income. So in fact, I am not hiding anything. Just I have not reported it to the Social Security office. I also like to add that I am leaving the country to Korea soon for a short vacation. In order to do this I obtain a passport which means it is reported to the Office right? Okay here’s a list of things I am worried of because of not reporting. I am not sure if these things matter or not.

1. I am attending school at a university and reported to them I am disabled but not the office so is this still (Fraud?)
2. I received a passport to leave the country (Needs to be reported/Fraud?)
3. Will the FBI arrest me at the airport just because I am leaving the country for 3 months?

I am just curious. I think things should be fine but I always I would like to be sure of any future issues. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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