Am I wrong to "write off my FAMILY" for their BETRAYAL of me?

My brother had (has) an ongoing affair with my wife (now ex), both my mother and sister knew about the affair and decided to keep it a secret from me.

All three of them have "sided" with my wife to fight my efforts to have her deported (she came over under "false pretenses" to marry ME)!

My ex has the total support (both emotional and financial) of my "family" in her efforts to continue SWINDLING me of my life’s savings (facing Bankruptcy)! She has moved on to Insurance Fraud, (which the insurance company is holding "ME" financially liable for).

So am I wrong to tell my "family" they can all go to H*LL???

I am thinking of removing all of my photos from my mother’s home of me, since from now on I conisder them all "DEAD" to me!

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