An idea on cutting heath care fraud?

I was reading an article about Mystery Shopper on when i came across this:
"In June 2008, the The American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs released a recommendation on the use of "secret shopper patients" in the Medical / Healthcare. The Recommendation: "Physicians have an ethical responsibility to engage in activities that contribute to continual improvements in patient care. One method for promoting such quality improvement is through the use of secret shopper “patients” who have been appropriately trained to provide feedback about physician performance in the clinical setting."

Shouldn’t Obama health-care reform "strategy" include this "secret shopper patients"? i figured if the government use this to fight fraud it can create lots of jobs while improving the quality of health-care provided by doctors and hospitals, and such. Well i’m definitely not the first one who has this idea and sure there will be more coming.
and i’m not trying to be a smart a$$ so please don’t criticize
** comments are welcome

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