Army DEER/Tricare fraud. ?

My brother is in the process of a divorce. During his deployment (feb 2010-feb2011) his wife cheated and gave birth to a boy. A child that is NOT my brothers. Although his divorce is ready to be finalized this month the court acknowledges there is a child In the case but in the petition it clearly states the child is not my brothers.

Last week we discovered that my brothers name is on the birth certificate and the child is enrolled on his insurance. He also got served papers for lack of child support. How should he go about this? He clearly is not the father but his wife managed to manipulate the system and is taking advantage of government benefits. Who should he ask for a paternity test? We already know his wife will not agree to a paternity test because she’s told us she wouldn’t do it. We also heard we can file fraud with Tricare because my brother did not give consent to enroll the child in DEERS. If the paternity test comes out negative, that my brother is not the father, is that proof enough to press charges of fraud? She’s also been threatening him for money, he does give her 90% of BAH she’s entitled to, but she’s demanding more!!!

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