As a two-time federal "tort victim" turned "whistleblower", how do I get the government off my back?

The government has continually harrassed me through invasion of privacy and interfered in my employment, healthcare, education, insurance, etc. for a couple of decades. I turned the government in for mismanagment, fraud and abuse ( stealing million and systematically murdering anyone who got in their way) during the Reagan administration while working for the Department of Defense. In 2003, I found myself in the middle of a criminal toxic tort (illegal factory human toxic experiment) and again turned those involved in for first degree murder of one coworker and several counts of serious assault. The owner running the tort (CIA/OSI industrialist) admitted it and even inferred one intent of the tort was to chronically poison me to death. He showed no remorse or fear of prosecution. The Police, FBI and DOJ don’t deny it, just refuse to investigate or take a report – all claiming they have no jurisdiction. I am the "skeliton in the closet" of some seriously powerful people. What do I do?

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