Auto Fraud? What should I do?

I purchased a car from a used dealer two weeks ago for ,000. I have had nothing but problems with it since. The first week I had to have the car jumped every day if not twice a day. The car would shake when idle and the RPM meter would jump past 2 or 3. It makes a loud ticking noise and makes a high pitched squealing noise at times. The passenger side windows got stuck down. I brought it to a mechanic over the weekend and he said the the noise is the engine and internal; its going to go out (or blow up he said!) any day. He got the front window up but the passenger one is still down and the back seat would need to be taken out to fix the window motor. He said that there could be other issues with it but it wouldn’t even be worth looking at because of the engine and how much it would cost. He also said that the tires on it are not the right size, they’re too big.

I feel so foolish for this. Is there anything I can do? Would a lawyer be able to help me? I signed the "as-is" paper, not knowing that was a bad idea. This is my first car I’ve purchased on my own.. please help!

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