Bank Fraud, Natwest Bank, Kind Off ?


On the 12th of this month, my brother accessed my online banking and transfered 100 pounds in to his account.

I had given him my password back in May 2009 but right after changed it, In October 2009 I changed it back to that password because I got through changeing passwords on everything.

I reported this to my bank and to the police.

I got a letter from the banks fraud team today saying that they will not refund it because I gave my password to a 3rd party, even though I changed it pretty much twice.

Surely this is illegial regardless, I am tempted to take legal advice about this, if ts fraud in the law’s eyes, surely it should be with the bank.

I really could do with some advice.

Thanks, Ross
He took it without my permission, to feed his drug habbit.

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