Bankruptcy fraud?

I will try to make it as simple as I can. This is a serious question concerning a real person and I will supply all the information she gave me:She applied for bankruptcy about 7 years ago. About a year or two after applying the case was first dismissed and then closed. Since I know NOTHING about the law I asked her what that meant and she told me that her application for bankruptcy was denied. Now she is facing another (state) government agency for which she has to answer the question:
"Have you ever filed for bankruptcy?". This is her problem. She might have given false information when applying for bankruptcy. Is she guilty of fraud even though she was not granted bankruptcy? (It seems to me:YES). Assuming she’s guilty is there then a statute of limitation? How can I find out what it is? In her present situation, with the state agency, a lawyer has told her she should admit her misinformation in a statement to the state. This would help her in her present case.But is there danger?
Thank you all for trying to help.
Mr. Leibowitz, I have recently learned that her new problem concerns her state taxes. And worse, I now believe that she KNEW before-hand that the information she gave in the bankruptcy was false. I looked up your web-site and your law firm is out of state. Can you suggest someone in New York State that is really competent? Or can she call/write/e-mail you for a little more advice with her problem? After I get her this information I will be out of the picture and any necessary payments,for legal advice/work will be handled by her, personally.
Thank you very much.
Thanks lawyergal 123. Will check sites you suggested.

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