bill sent to collections without contacting co-signer, by phone or mail is this legal? ?

I co-signed for my daughters apartment June 1 of 2007 her lease was up on May 31st 2008, I get a call today (1-7-09) from a collection agency telling me I owe this money for the painting of the apartment less the deposit I paid down on the apartment, which I have no problem paying them. But according to the lady I spoke with this hit my credit record. Now I have a problem with this whole situation, as being a co-signer I had to give them my address and phone number and as I leased from this company at the time they had it, yes it was different from where I live now but they had my new one due to upon moving I had to give them my forwarding address the so I could have my deposit mailed to me and they had my phone number as well, which is my cell and hasn’t changed since 2004 and is with me 24/7. Do they not have to contact me in order to give me a chance to pay? I had been trying to build back my credit due to filing bankruptcy in 2002 and made a strong point to my daughter about this and do understand she should have known about this and let me know, but they tossed it on my credit record without even a letter or phone call. I would have paid the bill to me this is some type of fraud. I do know that the manager of the complex tried to cheat me out of my deposit but I didn’t even rent it from that real estate company originally I rented it from the owner with a two year lease and they took over a few months before my lease was up that year in August. But I need some legal advice about this, I do understand the lady didn’t like me and felt the need to get even but all she had to do was call I would have paid the bill so she could get part of the money she couldn’t steal before, but to put it against my credit without my knowledge is that legal? Thank you for any advice you may have in advance!!
also the paperwork states she moved out on 6-3-08 and it was sent to collections on 6-30-08…not even 30 days later

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