Bipolar misdiagnosis medical record?

Hi, this question mainly refers to US.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder privately in the UK, though it probably is on NHS record as well, since my psychiatrist sent letters to my GP, before I asked her to stop. I started treatment ordering from a Canadian pharmacy.
I eventually realized this is a misdiagnosis, stopped treatment and now I feel great.

Now, I know bipolar is often stigmatized, so I am curious first of all, if I can delete it from my medical record, or at least have it declared a misdiagnosis?

If not, then who has access to your medical record? Who will ever know such a diagnosis has been made, and what aspects of my future life could it limit?

For example, I have read that in the US people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder cannot be issued gun permits or be trusted with classified info; I do not care about guns, nor do I want to work in the government, but I would like to know if there are other things I will be excluded from.

Also, if I get a job with health benefits, will the employer know of the diagnosis?

If I go to a psychiatrist, for another condition, will they know I was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the UK?

Finally, I know you are not supposed to lie on your health insurance application.. but since I do not intend to ever pursue treatment and insurance coverage for this condition, is it OK if I do not mention it when I apply for US health insurance? (just so it is not on record, I do not want to commit fraud/misrepresentation!) Will the insurance actually know I ordered these anti-psychotics from Canada, or look at UK medical record, and will they cancel the contract if they find out? (although, as I said I will not use insurance money for bipolar diagnosis or treatment)

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