Boyfriend wants to file my PARENTS for tax fraud?

My boyfriend feels like my parents committed tax fraud because we live quite comfortably for a family with only 1 parent working. I asked my parents if they ever lied on their taxes and they denied it, saying that they did their taxes honestly. My boyfriend has trust issues with me and HATES my parents, so he’s demanding me to show them tax return forms.

I feel like he has no right to get into my family’s private business unless [possibly] we were married, but still, I feel like what my parents do isn’t our business. He has threatened to turn them in a few times while we had large arguments. The few times we "broke up," he tells me that he wants to destroy me by turning in my family so that way I know what it’s like to work hard for money – he never has turned them in.

The reasoning as to why he wants to report my parents is because he grew up in a household where both parents worked 2 jobs, struggling to get money. So, he feels like reporting people who unjustly get money is satisfying his parents and making up for it because it is the people that lie on their taxes that cause his parents to pay even higher taxes.

I believe my parents do their taxes fairly, but every time I stand up for my parents, he decides to rip them apart. I tell him to stop talking badly about them, but he refuses to listen.

What should I do?
He doesn’t seem to want to listen to me often and I don’t want to break up with him – even though a few people don’t understand why I’m with him…

Please give me your opinion.

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