Can a dentist hold on to your medical records?

I had a root canal done in Vegas back in 2008. The problem was they did not complete the job. I moved to Houston and there I got the root canal completed. My insurance company paid the dentist in Vegas in full so when the dentist in Houston sent in thier claim (for completing the job) the insurance company denied it, saying that "they already paid for that service to another dentist in Vegas". I was told by the insurance company that I needed to put in an appeal, which require me to get a copy of my records from both dentists. The dentist in Vegas refused to give me a copy of my record. They claim that I have a balance on my account and that’s why I can not get my records. Can they refuse to release my medical records if I have a balance on my account? Also, is it insurance fraud if they collected from the insurance company knowning that they did not do the work? If it is insurance fraud, who should I report this to?

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