Can a felon get a license to practice law in Florida?

I live in Florida.

Please do not answer if you do not KNOW for sure. I would rather have no answers than those of opinion. I am quite aware of what logic would say, but I want to know 100%. Also, please leave out the sarcasm 🙂

I recently took a plea deal in an arson/insurance fraud. I was convicted of insurance fraud and sentenced to 10 years probation. Before the plea, I began my college career and was headed to law school. I am a 4.0 honors college student who is president of 2 major clubs. I know none of that matters.

I had given up because I heard I could get into law school, but would have difficulty obtaining a state license to practice law, which makes perfect sense.

Last night, I heard someone say that the state could not deny a license, but a felon would only be able to practice law as defense, not prosecution. (This also makes a little sense, but not really sure)

I still have 9 years to my sentence, therefore, I would complete law school a few years before I would be off probation.

The school part is of no issue to me. I could get into and pass law school in the top percent. That I am sure of. Also, law is my passion (I know this is where sarcasm could run wild, but I ask that you refrain, as it would be too easy, and not that funny now that I wrote this). I love to debate and philosophize. If there is ANY way I could make this happen, I will do it.

Any advice from someone who know would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading.

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