Can a lawyer make a deal with the prosecutor or DA or does it have to go the other way around?

I’m being charged with grand larceny in the 3rd. this is a huge mess. I used state health insurance to try to work through psychological issues. Now DSS is saying that my husband makes more money then stated on the application (and on his paystubs and on our tax return). because of this they are saying that all the benifits used are stollen and therefore they are charging me with larceny. I am going to be arrested on Thursday. i have a lawyer and I have had past arrests but no jail time. I live in NY. I’m 26 and have a 6 year old. Can my lawyer try to make a deal to avoid jail time? Any idea what I should logically expect to happen? If i go to jail my daughter will go to Pakistan and i’ll never see her again. I never meant to commit fraud, this is all very scary and my husband isn’t doing anything to help.

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