Can an Immigration lawyer be held accountable for misfiling?

Scenario:Hungary woman (w/ young daughter) & American wed in 2000.
Present day 2007-Mom & American still married by law, Hubby incarcerated for one year. They could not make the interview regarding the "alien relative petition" due to his jail time. The appointed lawyer (since inception & paid in full) advised of Hubby’s inability to appear, however provided no proof, nor gave a time when said interview could be rescheduled. (& another form failed to be submitted on behalf of daughter.) Due to the negligence of the attorney- Mom & daughter 100% established (owns 2 homes, 2 cars) are being denied permanent residence and/or adjustment status and are being asked to leave the US within 30 days (no option to appeal / court see’s it as abondonment in filings) .
What recourse is there against the lawyer for failing to do a job he was paid for? More importantly, can another attorney step in and step UP ASAP? Does immigration care that the attorney goofed? Can Mom/daughter get a "stay"?

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