Can anyone give me the name of VERY SMART, PIT-BULL, QUALIFIED DIVORCE LAWYER in the state of Massachusetts?

My friend is one of the best fathers I have ever known, but his stbx is playing dirty & seems to have a dirty lawyer as well & so far, she has custody of their 2 boys, ages 9 & 12. I have personally witnessed her getting away w/filing a false charge that he assaulted her w/a deadly weapon (which she has since dropped once she realized she would have to lie in court too), hiding the cell phone HE bought for the boys to talk to him on and lying to the boys telling them "it got lost" (while the bill showed her mother’s # dialed on it during the time it was supposedly "lost"), keeping them from him even on days when he has legal visitation, punishing the boys by not allowing them to attend functions with "his" side of the family, and on top of that she has committed credit card fraud against him, forging his name on documents, and thrown him into financial ruin. She will not allow him onto the property to gain access to any of his things like his canoe so he can take the boys fishing, even though she never uses it. She has stolen his wedding ring out of his truck and sold it. The boys keep telling him they want to live with him, but since her false charge against him, she has had full custody. His original lawyer has done NOTHING to hold her accountable for her wrongdoings and has made my friend feel that any attempts he makes to fight against her will only "look bad" to the judge. By the way, her mother is in on this too. He called the grandma one day asking her if he knew where the boys were because they weren’t answering the phone he bought them. Grandma said she had no idea where they were. Little did she know he was across the lake, taking a video of his boys right there beside her in her front yard…
Before their separation, life was always him and his boys when he got home from work and on the weekends while she went out every night and partied. They were always very close. She even admitted to having a had boyfriend for the last 2 years, now broken up. Even now, she is always dumping them off at her parents’ house. The kids tell us she never does anything with them and she swears at them all the time. The oldest one is very depressed. All they want is to be with their Dad but she, and the state of Mass, which is extremely biased AGAINST fathers, has made this nearly impossible.
Can anyone, please, PLEASE help us find a lawyer who can fight for this family and bring justice to where it belongs??? He truly is THE most dedicated, loving, sweet, invested father I have ever seen.
The boys’ mother has a family history of mental illness. Her father has Bipolar Disorder and she has had Depression but I suspect she has Bipolar as well, just undiagnosed. She is a bitter, raging, angry lunatic and her children do not want to be with her.
He needs a lawyer in the Worcester area. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Also, the judge assigned to his case is known to be very mother-biased, so he has quite an uphill battle from the start. He is looking into getting a Guardian ad Litem (attorney for the children) as well, and he intends to have his boys testify. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for giving me the name of Frank Butcher! Any other names of FEROCIOUS attorneys AGAINST crazy mothers will be greatly appreciated!!!

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