Can employers put tracking devices on private vehicles?

My brother’s employer is trying to put tracking devices on his employee’s cars. Thing is, the company does not own vehicles for company use and instead requires employees to use their own vehicles. They are compensated by turning in mileage logs and getting 0.45 cents for every mile they drive to and from the rental properties they have to upkeep or repair.

Is it legal in North Carolina for his employer to put a tracking device on his private vehicle given the possibility his employer could monitor his activities off the clock? Logic says no because of the invasion of privacy, but since the employer is compensating his employees with mileage pay, it seems to be a possibility. However, since the employer knows the distance between the rental properties and the employees have to turn in the work orders they are given, it seems to me his employer can’t argue the possibility of mileage fraud since his employer can easily determine how many miles his employees have driven by looking at the work orders and comparing it to the mileage logs.

Any legal advice on this?

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