Can I get charged with food stamp fraud?

I’m pregnant, 24 years old, I’m not married and I’m working part time for minimum wage. The father of my unborn baby is not helping financially so I applied for foodstamps. They did a telephone interview with me and asked me if the father of the baby was living with me. I live with his family and he does stay in the house for 2 days out of the week but I don’t consider that living here so I told them I am unsure of where he lives. I told the social worker that I do pay half of the cell phone bill to him every month and she started to accuse me of lying about where he lives, and said that it is fraud if he really is living in the same household. I was answering to the best of my knowledge and now I am really concerned about getting in trouble…… we don’t share finances, are not married, and are currently not "together" so I feel like it isn’t my business to ask where he is for most of the week. Am I going to get in trouble if he is considered to be living here? I stay in the basement and I go through the backdoor, I have no idea who comes and goes in this house as I am only a guest until I can pay for my own apartment..
Also I live in Missouri.
Also he is not listed under the residents of the house, they only list me, his mom, his dad and his younger brother.

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