Can I return a car that is "closed" on my credit report after my bankruptcy?

Well, I had to file for bankruptcy because i was a victim of credit fraud. I had a clunker. My lawyer told me to get a better car before I file, even if i have to pay for high apr. Basically i’ll be screwed if my old car breaks down during the bankruptcy process- theres no way i’ll be able to get a new one. She said that as long as I keep paying for the newer car, it won’t be taken away.

I’ve been paying for the car flawlessly for a 1 1/2 yrs now. My wife and I check out a dealer to see if we can get her a car. The checks my credit and tells me the there is no record of my new car on my credit report. I’m shocked because I’ve been paying all this time and it has not been helping my credit. I check my credit report online and it says that the account has been closed during my bankruptcy. I asked my wife if we’ve been getting any bills from toyota, and she says we don’t get any bills anymore we just maintain payments every month like what my lawyer said.

Ok, a friend of ours said that i should return the car to the dealer and get a cheaper car. Since it is closed on my credit report, it shouldn’t affect my credit if i return it. Pls tell me if this is valid and why.


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