can i sue a lawyer i believe was involved in conspiracy to do fraud against me?

a group of individuals sued me. i have a strong belief (and facts to back it) that the group conspired to commit fraud, perjured themselves in arbitration, and got a favorable ruling.

do i have a case to first sue them in civil court for conspiracy to commit fraud, perjury (which is easily proved). secondly, if i believe the lawyer was involved in guiding them, can he be listed as a defendant?
i just wondered if the lawyer could be sued and party to the lawsuit.

i'm not stating the evidence becuase i also know, anything posted/said or disclosed on the internet is discoverable by the courts and not tipping my hand
hey, thanks joe. yeah, arbitration is a scam in itself. my arbitrator never looked at the facts. he ignored the law, and ruled on certain things he "said" were facts, that had no backing evidence. nothing. it was amazing.

which brings up the obvious "occam's razor" explanation: he was paid off. but that's a different story 😉

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