Can I sue for fraud during a divorce?

My Ex left the states, took our son with, and has now divorced me via a court in Germany. Apperantly this was completed 2 years ago. During the duration, she lied there were proceedings taking place abroad. While seperated, I provided insurance and benifits. I have spent thousands for court proceedings here in the states that proved to be wasteful, as the courts abroad were already completing the process.
She never had to deal with the foreclosure, reposession, or bankruptcy. I handled that all on my own. I just went another K in the hole on International Lawyers to see my son. Now Germany is suing me for backpay of child support. Can she be sued for the fraud, wreckless spending, unnecissary costs, or assistance for the debt left behind?
Here’s the kicker! She wants to get remarried, and move back. Uggggh! This all could have been handled at the 0 mediation we attended (twice).

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