can they fire me fro fraud?

I have worked for a large call center for 13 mon. I am 51 and work in ohio. I am known to love my job, and even though it takes me a little longer to get the computer down I try with all my heart. I was fired because I placed my own personal order on the comp. and the rule book says we cannot do that. so I was fired with fraud on my term papers. I tried to explain to the security people I as god is my witness I did not know, it was a total of 47.00 over 4 orders. they kept wanting me to admit to fraud and I would not because I kept telling them I used my name and ccard, I messaged all orders so I hide nothing. they said it was still fraud. When I asked why 5 months ago when I plkace my first order for 7.68 did they not tell me he said he did not know. please if you could read between the lines will a lawyer get that off my term papers? I can understand if they had to fire me for using the wrong procedure but in 35 years of working I have never stole from anyone. PLEASE HELP

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