Can unmarried couples who live together have joint auto insurance in Illinois?

My fiance and I are getting married in January. We own a home together. We live in Cook County. We were having some issues with insurance and are in the process of combining our auto policies and changing over our homeowners policy.

His insurance broker tried telling us that since we aren’t married yet, we both can’t be on the same policy he says it is a law in Illinois (I think he is full of crap, I work in the legal world and have heard of no such law)

Has anyone else heard of this? I want to check my facts before I tell my fiance’s entire family to switch brokers because this guy is a fraud.

Additionally, even if the law does exist, I’m switching from this guy. He gave us a quote from some company I have never heard of, and after I told him the car insurance was too high, the quote "suddenly" came down 0 and "suddenly" our quote for the homeowners went up… wtf?

My insurance broker had no problem with putting us on a joint coverage plan with a reputable company, Traveler’s.
This is exactly what he told me:

"We cannot insure your car on his policy, unless he is on the title as an owner, nor can we insure
his cars on a policy in your name."

This just doesn’t make sense to me.

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