Can we SUE our teacher!?

A group of my friends and I are part of a summer internship with our Program teacher from school. For the summer (June 29- July 27) our teacher proposed for us to join an internship where we would be paid 0-,000 as a stipend for the internship. In the contract that we signed with our parents we were simply told that the internship would involved us analyzing some research samples for a science experiment. In addition was agreed that we would work from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. However, the internship end date has already passed and to this day we have still received no money and have not been contacted to discuss any matters dealing with the stipend. In addition to this, many aspects of the contract have been violated. Many times the work day is between 9am- 7:30 pm at the work site. May I also add that ALL the students included in the internship are underage. In addition to this the costs for even participating in the internship have become nearly unbearable for our parents. We have spent countless amounts of money on food and transportation, all of which are NOT provided by our teacher. At this point we simply cannot continue to participate in the program if we do not get even a portion of the stipend to cover costs. In addition the internship has now even been extended past August interfering with planned vacations and flight plans.

It would be of the most help if someone could provide us with some legal advice. If necessary we are willing to SUE our teacher for claims ranging between ,000- ,000 in court for fraud and child labor laws, along with emotional distress.

Thank you for your time.
Here is some additional information:

We aren’t working with a corporation our teacher HERSELF asked us to work with her in the summer. She is directly the person paying. She filed for a grant earlier in the year and received money, some of that money was to be used to pay 6 students in the internship.

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