Can you sue someone if they tell you they are someone they aren't?

Let me explain. I was approached to do an impromtou interview, (basically put on the spot), the person told me they were with a reputable magazine that I have worked for in the past. 2 weeks later I find out they were actually from a trashy magazine that I would NEVER speak to!! They just wrote what I told them and nothing was constrewed, but my publicist was pissed!! It’s never good to talk to these magazines. Chances are they will use that interview for the next 6months and take what I said out of context eventually. Anyways, I guess I just want to know, can I sue them for fraud or something? My lawyer is on holidays and I don’t want to be represented by anyone else, just want some advice. P.S, not looking for money here, I have plenty of my own. Just think they shouldn’t be allowed to do this!!
Thanx everyone. I didn’t realize time was so valuable in my case because I just assumed the magazine would be proof enough!! As for he said/she said, if you knew what magazine I am talking about, you’ll know that someone who values and protects their career would NOT talk to them!lol.
Oh, cost to myself or my lawyer is not an issue in this case as I would like them to know my lawyer is NOT a force to reckon with!( or myself)

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