Can you take an ex back to court after the child is grown if he backs out of helping with college?

My ex never agreed in writing to help with college but he had said he would. Through the years I never pushed for all the child support I could get because I thought he would help with college. He paid her room deposit, took her to register and then the very next day said he couldn't pay that much and asked if she could go to a cheaper school. She found a cheaper school and then the night before graduation he backed out of all help. He paid his last child support in June and that has been it. He knows she takes monthly medication and he will not help with those expenses either. She has now chose a community college and is working to pay her rent, etc. The worst part is he sent his two step kids out of state to a private Christian college and paid for their cars, cell phones, laptops, etc. But his own he will not help with. Since it was understood all along that he was going to help and now he backed out, can I take him back to court for some type of fraud or something?
Even though she is working, according to all the government, I am responsible for her college until she is 24 or married. For that reason she is not able to file on her own next year with her income to get extra help.
Many of you have pointed out that 18 is an adult. However, my point in all of this is that he put his step children through an out of state private college and provided all they needed. I realize that at some point they have to be adults BUT the government will not let us do that. She is working, has her own place, etc. but the government will still not consider her on her own. I am angry because he stands up in church and professes to be a Christian, works in the church but he and wife are doing all they can to turn their backs on his first marriage. This is wrong. This is a man that would not even give his daughter 100 towards a security deposit for her apartment. He would not even help her get simple house-hold items to get started. She has done NOTHING to them. In fact, she has went over-board in being nice to all of them to get along. Even when she was excluded from trips to the beach each summer. If a child is college material, the parent should make an effort to help.
One more thing, this is also a man who got over 0,000 a few years back in a settlement plus he makes + a year and that does not include the income from his wife.
Yes, the government does make them adults at 18 BUT to apply for any loan, they have to start with the one from the government. It does not matter if they are even 21 years old, living on their own, working, etc. They have to include my income (if any) and my husband's income until they are 24 or married. Even though my husband is the stepfather we have to give them our income for them to use in determining any grants, etc., before they other things kick in. I think that it is awful that a man has to have a court order to do anything for his daughter. I know that is current wife is behind it and I think it is awful that he can not be man enough to stand up to her and say that she is his daughter and deserves his help the same as the stepkids. Yes, I tried to stay out of the courts because I thought this man was actually honest in what he said through the years but I was wrong. As for his stepkids, they have grown into rude adults – I should have taken him for every cent.
Sorry – forgot. Yes, I do live in the United States.

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