Can’t Get Daycare Thru Job and Family Or Any Help, Please Help!?

Hi guys, I need some help please. I moved with my fiance to live with him and my son from a previous relationship. I changed my JFS case to the county I’m in and since then I have had nothing but trouble.

I tried to apply for cash assistance and was told I had to work 20+ hrs a wk to get any type of cash with my 2 yr old son despite not working the other 2 yrs in 2 other counties at Job and Family while he was little and about 6 months while I was in school. Someone told me to put my significant other (not married) on as my landlord and I had to fill out a landlord paper and put I pay no rent now being that I can’t get cash assistance.

I just got a cashier job to help pay the bills until I can find a "real job" if there’s any left. I called them and they gave me an employer verification form which I gave to my HR Manager. She said she is not allowed to fill it out and gave me a card with their 1-800 Employee Verifcation Line. I gave this to Job and Family along with the daycare application and filled out the paperwork at the daycare I was going to use. I called from 7:30 in the morn. Wed. to try to establish daycare when all they needed was a paper faxed or phone verification saying I applied so that they don’t charge me the 0 a wk. private rate.

The daycare called me back and said they can’t approve it till I have the employer verification form filled out but my hours, days, times, etc. are going to vary with the holiday season for right now and I already explained to them they need to call the 1-800 number and they said I’m "not in the system" even though I’ve already worked the training wk and a whole wk now. My HR Manager said I should be in the system and I told them they can call the store to talk to them as well to explain it to them.

Now I have no daycare and want to quit my job as I can’t live off min. wage and they will probably reduce my food stamps but I called another number for Job and Family and the lady told me they can possbily sanction me if I quit a job without just cause. Well no daycare and min. wage when I have a 4 yr degree seems to be just cause for me!

And I applied for WIC and put him as my fiance and Job and Family knew about this and I don’t think that is supposed to be released. Along with I applied for Medicaid and just got my insurance card and approved, didn’t even use the insurance yet and they sent me a letter in the mail about being redetermined for Medical. How can I be redetermined when I just got approved?! There was also a pamplet in there about Welfare Fraud.

I lived with my son’s father’s mother when he was in jail in one county and my mom who was an RN (and they never even questioned her income yet they do my fiance’s) when I lived at home in another and never had so many problems with Job and Family.

All while my son’s father doesn’t pay any child support and lives off his rich grandma-just got 00 from her and 00 for a car and might be going to jail AGAIN for selling fake items on Ebay this time. Plus my ex’s family is crazy and would try to get me in trouble in anyway they can because they are jealous and he has a stalking record, etc. So I want daycare badly to cut them out of the picture for when I have a better job because of numerous reasons.

We’re currently living off about 00/mo. with 3 people. Our rent is 0ish, car payment 0, electric–60, plus other bills so money is super tight and I’m gonna make at my cashier job about what I made living at home not working. I don’t even know where to find a real job with my degree (Bachelor of General Studies). I even applied at Job and Family up here to be a caseworker and never even got an interview.

But anyways I can’t seem to get any help up here and I feel like I am being toyed with. I just need some help till I can get a career and he can either get a raise or make better money somewhere and I don’t know what to do. Please Help!
There are very few babysitters up here approved by Job and Family and most aren’t open wkends, my fiance’s niece can watch him wkends but she’s 13 and has school. And I don’t know anyone up here because my fiance and his family so that’s about all.

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