Car dealer fraud? Lawyer?

Almost a month ago me and my boyfriend bought a car out of a car lot. It is a 2011 Chevy Malibu, we put ,000 down. And it was under my boyfriends name.

Yesterday, the car dealer "Mike" told my boyfriend that he had to go to the financing bank to fill out more paper work. So today my boyfriend went to the bank where they asked him a whole bunch of questions. His answers did not match what the information said, which "Mike" had sent over. My boyfriend then learns that "Mike" made fake check stubs and lied to the bank about how much my boyfriend made last year.

So "Mike" has given my boyfriend the option of putting the car under someone elses name and keeping it or giving him money back.

My question is should we get a lawyer? Can we sue the car lot if he doesn’t want to give us a full refund? Since my boyfriend and I did not know that he was lying?

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