Car insurance accused me in fraud?

Hi everyone!

My situation is I had a car accident almost three years ago. The car I was driving was not my car, my "friend" He bought that car and asked me to take the Insurance on myself by many reasons. So I agreed. Then one or two mouths later I had this accident. It was a snow storm. The guy hit me ( Im still sure that it was his falls ). Police said that I didn’t stop on a STOP sign. Anyway the tow truck came in and tow the car. After that I went to the lawyer and asked what I have to do? He said I have to go to the hospital and the doctor have to take a look at my back or something like that. ( By that time I didn’t know that I can get any money from that ) I just wanted to repair the vehicle. I asked lawyer how much is he charging – he said it is free for me, because he is going to make money on that claim! I said ok it sounds great for me! Any way I went to the hospital and the doctor looked at my back and neck I really felt little pain ( it wasn’t like PAIN, but I just felt something).
Later I start receiving calls from insurance agents. They asked me the same questions over and over. I thought it is ok because I never had car accidents before. By the way like I said before it wasn’t my car it was my friends car! But good ( or bad ) for me I was the one who has insurance!
So after sometime I understand that something goes wrong. because they asked me to come over. They asked me the same questions over there for a few hours and recorded it. My lawyer suggest me to withdraw a case by some reason! And I agreed, because I was tired of all that staff, about agents who called me every day, and about all that headache! I realized that it was just the car and I’m young and will make money in the future. So I sign up the paper and withdraw the case! At the end I didn’t get any money to repair my vehicle.


Almost three years after that accident I received a latter and Insurance Company accused me in fraud and I will have to go to the court! On the next month! So please tell me what they want? And what they are going to ask me? I have never been in a court and don’t know what to expect! Are they going to make me pay something or they gonna put me in JAIL (I’m not a criminal, I’m just a regular college student)?????? Do I need to get a lawyer or something? Have anyone been in some similar situation and how it ended?

Thanks for any help!
Thanks for answering Entidti

But I didn’t get any money from them, they didn’t pay me anything, not for the car not for the medical treatment.
They told me that the accident was fabricated!!!!!
I have no Idea what they want….

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