Challenging Fraudulent medical record created by Blood Diagnostic Center?

Medical Record Fraud
After a routine annual well-care visit to my doctor, and requested blood test, I found two versions of a blood center requisition form — the one I brought(and kept) to the diagnostic center, and another from the diagnostic center customer service center. My copy only requisitioned basic health and metabolic panel, while the copy provided by the diagnostic center included various other tests not ordered by my doctor. I believe that only a doctor can alter a medical record; and I assume that this requisition form is a medical record. My question is: As the copy provided by the diagnostic center is fraudulent,
in that a medical record was fabricated and/or modified by a non-doctor — and without his or my permission– is this a case of medical fraud? More importantly, how do I challenge this medical record fraud? I have received several invoices for the balance of the costs. It runs into the hundreds of dollars.

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