Check under someone else’s name…fraud?

I’ve decided to write another question in order to explain myself better…

Okay, here’s the situation:

My cousin is running this small business at home, but he needs more money. He calls me one day and asks if he could put my name and address on a check.
Please note that this check (amount: 9950 dollars) is issued from another company called Entrust Retirement Services, Inc.

And he wants me to deposit the check under my bank account. And if the check clears, he wants me to write him another check (issued from me, of course) with the same amount.

Basically, he wants me to get the (probably unreliable) check from this (unknown) company and deposit it under my account, and if it clears, write him another check with the same amount.

I didn’t think about it much, since …. frankly, he is family. But, as days past, I’m starting to think twice about it.

I’ve been reading on the internet that fraud (fake) checks can take as much as 1-2 years to bounce and banks can state the checks are clear, when in reality it may not be….(in the long run)

I don’t know what to do…Should I not deposit the check or is this a safe transaction?

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