Child custody? Custody of my siblings.?

My mother is physically and mentally abusive. I am 26 and I lived through hell living with her. She is repeating the same cycle with my 4 younger siblings. My oldest sister will be 18 in June and will be moving with me. I am worried about my younger siblings.

I called the police many times when she would beat me up and throw me out of the house as a teen, but nothing was ever done. I have also called CPS, but they never investigated any claims.

She has a lengthy criminal record that includes drug charges, retail fraud, assault on a police officer, and 4th degree child abuse.

The father of my younger siblings has never had a job during their lifetimes and has 3 other children he never cared for. he owes back child support for all 6 of his children, and also has a criminal record and has recently been charged with child endangerment for breaking out the windows of my moms car while the children were inside.

They are ages 4, 5 & 7. I m stable, no criminal record, own a home and live in a great area with highly rated schools. i believe i can provide a better life for them.
What is the possibility I could win custody?

My soon to be 18 y.o. sister never reported any of her abuse btw.
Also the father has never established paternity for the two youngest children.

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