Child maintenance ????????

Ok, ill try and make it short with out all the ins and outs. Im in the uk and have split up with my misses and we have a 6 month child. I want to support my child so offered her a monthly amount and will up it when he starts school. She has agreed, Im gonna do it by cheaque so i can prove it but she does not want to sign an agreement and she says i should trust her. I do but i think she is getting family allowance and working tax credits she filled out the forms when we were together. My questions are is she still entitled to the family allowance and working tax credits even if were not together any more and is doing it by cheaque each month gonna cover me for any fraud or miss claims she may do in the future not that i think she will i just want to cover my self. Uk answers only because its different in the usa. Thanks for all your help in this hard time im having
is there any need for legal advice i can prove im paying her same amount each month with my bank statements

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