Child support and custody question?

So my finace has 2 kids he’s ordered to pay child support for. I support that he pays this since its supposed to be for taking care of the children. The mom hasn’t had her kids in about 9 months. She just had another baby with her new husband, she has her new baby, but my fiances kids are living 800 miles away with his exs parents. This was not settled in court, so nobody knows the kids live there, and she excepts his child support for kids she doesn’t have physically and I’m sure she uses it to help with her new baby since she hasn’t worked in years. He’s afraid to go back to court, not because he did anything wrong, but we can’t afford a laywer, and her parents will hire one for her. He wants to fight for some sort of custody but he’s nervous about court costs and putting us in debt. Isn’t what his ex is doing some sort of fraud since the kids don’t physically live with her? Also, if he wanted to petition for custody, with no lawyers involved, or maybe a court appointed one, how much would court fees run us? Thanks.

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