Child Support FRAUD in Colorado?

My ex lied about what he was paying monthly for medical insurance for our daughter. I just found out I have been missing out on 5 per month for 4 years!! I was told I have to file a separate motion now that my daughter has changed households. Does anyone know what form I use to file this BIG FAT LIE under?!
He was NOT made to prove it in court! I asked the judge that he prove what he was paying and all they required was his statement on his policy, which is a FAMILY policy. I have been basically paying for him, his wife, and our daughter to be insured! My lawyer pointed out to me that insurance for just our daughter would not be that high. His workplace of course would not give me any information so in mediation I stated that I felt there was inaccuracy. He admitted to it & the mediator told me I have to file a separate form for the situation.

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