Child Support Fraud?

State of: Missouri
My fiance (custodial parent) was divorced last year. Seprated since Sept, 2006. Ex wife (non custodial parent) went to family services and got temp cash assisance-welfare, who WERE NOT living with her bc she abanoded the marriage and moved away. After many many court hearings, he got his TAX REFUND intercepted for 4900.00 in past support and to pay back TANIF that was received by the ex wfie. She lied to family services to get the money. When we got a judgement which should have been in our favor, he was only abated 1200.00 of the 4900.00 because of her lies. We showed proof which I guess was not good enuff. Recently, the ex wife went to child support and family services and told them SHE LIED and that she wanted to pay the money back herself. family services told us that since she no longer has a file with them, that a fraud case was out of the ?. They said it was our fault -she lied and that they never found out and since they were his kids, hes obligated to pay.
How can they let someone admit a lie for 5k dollars and not pursue?
How can they not turn over a judgement with this kind of proof and knowledge?

How can we pursue fraud personally?

Something has to be done.
I'm not looking for the answer, GET A LAWYER. We have a lawyer, a good one when hes not busy. Hes in the works with filing an appeal. I'm asking about personal FRAUD and pursing fraud against the agency.
I'd love to go on judge judy but even if we got a judgement directly from the ex wife, shed never pay up.
When the taxes were intercepted months ago most of the money was going to the state for back temp cash assistance. Since the new judgement, abating him for 1200.00 we actually got a check for 1500.00 dollars from CS, the other money was in fact released to the state and ex wife. We may never get the money back.
What makes matters worse is that he owes 0.00 on paper but they still make him give his job garnishment papers, and they still have him on file as the non custodial even tho they have court papers saying otherwise. Incompetence like this shouldnt be legal in itself. The people working this case should have been at least demoted for the errors they made in the judgement itself from the hearing we had over the phone. Most of the info was either backwards, wrong or non existant. Its more than fraud, it almost sounds like a conspiracy.. lol
I loved your answer, but the ex cant be trusted to pay anything back. She goes on and off with her lies and truths. Drugs..

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