child support not helping the child?

my mother started to receive child support payments after my sis and i turned 18 about 900 a month. My mother has been married 7 times and was physically and emotionally abusive to us as we were growing up. I ran away and moved out at 16 and my sis married at 17. Now she is getting this money from my father who i just met online and spending it on my cousin and herself. I had to drop out of college because my place of employment closed and i had no way to take care of the tuition. yes i had financial aid before but it can only take care of basics right now. if i would like to continue my education i would have a doosey of a time while my mom sits back and collects a check every month. I started babysitting at 14 and from then on until i left i had to pay my mom rent to live there. she would charge us for tampons and anything we ever broke as children, bills, thats why we left so early. is it fair that my neglectful mother now just cashes checks? I was afraid most if not all of my life and it is not until now that i feel that she should be obligated to help my sis and i out. i have school loans i am struggling with and she has not given us a penny of what my father has been paying her. it is not fair. There has to be a way to have the payments sent to us and not her because she is just squandering the money instead of helping us. not that i would ever expect my mother to help, she has stolen thousands of dollars from me in different scams. there are even discrepancies on my credit report from her old addresses. how can i report fraud on my mother… i cant be the poor victim anymore and take one thing away from my mother and that is her spite and vindictiveness. please let me know if there is anything i can do. i have seen online other cases where the support is granted to the children. I cant stand to see her squander that money on booze and friends and even my cousin who wants to hang out with her. I am stuck and would love a response.

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