China scam me and Revenge against China?

On June 26th 2007, I am planning to make business online to get product from china to sell on ebay, I find the website into China and talk with this man to ask if it have product of Sony Laptop
so this man says yes and it alone 360$ plus shipping 20$ total is 380$.. so this china man wants used western Union for make payment… so I never used WU before.. So i did sent my money 380$ to him.. He says he got it then gave me fake tracking number for shipping, so I am wait for item over 6 day because the china man says i will receive 2 to 3 day, so I email him again, then he says HAHAHA then block me, then I told him I want my money back! He says I am not man… a woman! I was very upset and devastate for 4 month ago, i already told my dad about what happen.. He says Mostly women in china are scammer and there nothing get money back or report because OVERSEA cant reach of police there to arrest that china woman.. will I get revenge get money from china use WU?

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