Committed Prescription Fraud. Should I turn myself in?

I’m such an idiot. Please read the whole thing before commenting. I got off work late last night (dead tired) and my blood pressure was really high. I have just moved to a new town and didn’t know where to go to get a prescription so I wrote myself one. Trying to avoid the emergency room. I have been taking this blood pressure medication for years so it didn’t occur to me in my delirium that what I was doing is wrong. For some stupid reason I thought that as long as it wasn’t a controlled substance it wouldn’t be a big deal. Well, the pharmacy called the office to confirm They couldn’t confirm anything so they asked me to wait until they could contact the DR. It was about that time that I realized that although I wasn’t drug trafficking I had committed fraud. The pharmacy told me that they couldn’t fill the prescription until they clarify with the physician. Who of course, didn’t actually write it for me. I just left the store feeling stupid. But now this morning I’m really worried. I could lose my license, my practice, my job (of course), and even get jail time for this. I feel like such an idiot and super guilty. I’m tempted to just turn myself in. I honestly would, but the repercussions are so severe that I’m hesitant. I’d likely lose, at a minimum, all the years (and money) that I spent going to school, my job (and ability to get a new one), my practice, and my license. In a nutshell, this would ruin me and my family. On the other hand, I didn’t lie about anything when I turned it in, the pharmacy has a my name, address, and phone number. So if they determine that it’s fraud, and contact the police, I wouldn’t be hard to locate.

I’m hoping that since the medication isn’t good for anything but maintaining blood pressure the local law enforcement will blow it over… but I can risk that?

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