Could I report my ex husband for tax fraud?

Ok.. so I got divorced back in September. It was a civil divorce, no major issues, no fighting. It was good. Here we are come income tax time. In our divorce agreement I had made it so my ex husband could claim 2 of our 4 children. He was going to claim the girls and I was to claim the boys. I have physical custody of them all. They live with me. So technically, he shouldn’t be able to claim them period, but I was being fair and allowed him to claim 2. Well.. last year when he filed he screwed me over and claimed all 4 and didn’t give me a dime after he promised me enough to buy myself a new car to safely transport our children. I got nothing. This was before the court order. Now this year. He called me up the other day and had asked if my fiance and I had filed taxes yet, I said no. He then told me "Good, because I just left H&R Block and claimed all 4 of them, but I will give you half of the return which is 1,100$" I was so mad. My fiance was going to claim the 2 boys because I didn’t work last year and he supported all 4 of the kids, so he has the right to claim them. He plugged in the numbers and was going to be getting a little more then 3,900$ for the 2 kids. So needless to say.. he screwed me again. Not only did he screw me out of money, and I think he’s lying about the return amount because he won’t show me the papers, but he also defaulted on the court order. Now is this fraud considering the 4 kids didn’t live with him and he claimed them anyway.. I mean he was allowed 2 and claimed all 4 because he is greedy. It’s either you claim the 2 or none. How should I handle this? I feel I am entitled to at least the 3900 that I would have gotten if my fiance would have claimed them. Not to mention the fact that he hasn’t payed me child support in 15 weeks at 0 a week. I’m planning on going to the courthouse to file a motion for contempt, but what about the IRS? Do I notify them as well? And what are my chances of wining? I won’t be bullied into a corner anymore. Please, advice!

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