could this be fraud?

Two years ago, my husband hit a truck from behind.They both got out of their cars.My husband gave the guy his information first.While my husband waited for his information, he check the guy’s truck and had a minor dent.My husband truck had a big damage.When they seen a cop passing by, my husband and witnesses waived to the cop to stop.When the guy seen the cop, he left the scene without giving my husband his information.The cop got mad and did not took a police report because the other guy left. Now its been two year and my husband and his former boss, the owner of the truck are being sue by him. The guy is claiming physical injuries, lost wages, and property damage over 25,000 dollars. The court paper said the accident happend at a light intersection.But my husband said it happened away from the lights.We have one witness that remembers little about the incident. She remember minor damage to his truck and the guy was okay.Should we hire a lawyer to help us with the case?
Belive me their is cops out there that are lazy to write a police report.When the cop showed up, he yelled at my husband and some witnesses because they did not stop the guy from leaving.One witness that we talk too, two days ago remembers a little about the accident.She rememberst telling the guy to wait for the police for a report.But he left the scene.

I am stating that my husband is reponsible for the minor damage.But we cannot believe this amount of lawsuit.We think that someone told this guy that he could sued for more and he is going with it.
Also we want to see if we could hire a lawyer.We dont know the cop, this was two years ago.We need to know if the cop also could get in trouble for not writting part of my husband report.The cop did not give my husband a ticket.

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