court tomorrow mother help?

i have court tomorrow for taking 465 dollars out of fathers account in md. basically im being charged with forgery public document up to 10 yrs for this charge and two theft under 500 one charge for 450 and one for 15 dollars which are misdemeanors. basically i was working for the bank and i signed his nam eto withdrawal slip. he did not press charges my grandmother did who was recently added to account. i was fired from bank and they press charges i wen to pi hearing and fraud investigator just wants restitution. i do have a lawyer no prior record or offenses and have two children one of which is a month oldand the other two years old. i have no one to take care of my month old so it is likely i will take her with me.i am curious to know is it likely they will send single mother to jail and if so where do kids go.ny lawyer says i will probably have to plead to one charge in which we will ask for pbj. im in md please help
restitution has been paid and my father ok me taking the money out his account. its my grandmother who filed fraud affidavit. and the bankpaid her back so they filed charges. i also had account with bank and the debited the amount from my account.
the total was 465 dollars not 9 hundred something like one of the repondents said.

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