Credit Card Fraud Question?


Someone somehow got a hold of my credit card info and charged over 0 worth of merchandise from Macys and about 0 at Victorias Secret. Both transactions were done online (as my bank told me).

I did some research and it states banks do not call the police about it because its less paperwork. Merchants are responsible to refund the money to the merchant which then is refunded back to the credit card holder. What I dont understand is how these people get away with it?

I did not ask for any specific names, addresses, phone numbers, i mean nothing. When I called Macy’s i asked what the minimum charge was that theyd seek prosecution for. He said he couldnt tell me. I dont get why he couldnt tell me "hey anything over 150 bucks is what we look into." Same goes for Victorias Secret. They didnt even let me finish my sentence before cutting me off and saying "no no no no." I am a victim and youuuuuuuu cant freaking answer such a general question for me?! Whats the point of me filing out a police report if nothing will get done? yes yes i know its better to have it for future references, but its not really worth it since CPD doesnt do much around here.

Anyone know more about the topic? I asked if IP addresses were stored, Macys said they dont do that for privacy purposes. The thief wont use their home address thats a total duh, so how will they ever be caught? Would they use their work address and then play stupid and point fingers at others? What if someone signs the stuff in MY NAME and then am held accountable for stuff I never got?! This is just a total nightmare. I am so confused and feel like nothing will get done.

You think the amounts were high enough for the companys to look to prosecute? I mean the amounts they had to credit me back would not be nearly as high as the amount it would proably cost to have a lawyer investiage it, but still. Any ideas? Any personal experiences? Is 200 bucks even worth an investigation?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!

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