Credit Fraud alert on my file…i can't check my credit…why?

I was sent 350 dollars from my mother in law through money gram. they wouldnt release the funds to me, said she had to call in. they claimed that someone with my name had been recieving lots of money grams and was under investigation for money laundering. I was freaked out, but after a few days, I was ok because i was sure that this was mistaken identity. weeks later the funds have not been release, I logged onto annual to view my report like I did a few years ago, this time it stated that there was a freeze on my acount and there was a fraud alert in place. Now I am freaking out. I just recently had to get replacement id for me and my children because last summer I lost all of our documents in my wallet, and now this? I am a single mother of seven.

When I tried to check my report, it asked me questions it had never asked me before…showed me addresses I hadn’t seen, what do I do?

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