Credit fraud?

I have been divorced from my exwife for 2 years now. During the course of our marriage, she racked up a very extensive amount of medical bills. During the divorce, the judge ordered her to pay her own medical bills that were incurred.. and that I wasn’t liable for any of the charges.

I just found out that she had medical bills sent to collections "in my name" back in January of 2006. From 01/2006 to 02 of 2008 (2 years) she failed to pay on the charges that were in collections. Just recently she began making payment toward the bill.

Here’s the deal:
I was UN-knowingly sent to collections over 2 years ago. She failed to pay the bills when she knew they exhisted. She also failed to tell me that they were on my credit.. and that my rating was being decreased the entire time. On top of that, she unlawfully changed my address with them, so that the bill would route to her home.
She has recked my credit.

Any advice on what can be done

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